Quotes by a Frank Warren I totally resonate with

Hardly ever I stumble upon a string of quotes by someone where each one of them sounds true and totally resonates with me. Frank Warren - I don't have to know who that is. But these quotes from him are calling to be shared: "The children almost broken by the world become the adults most [...]

Supernatural filler episodes guide

Key plot episode / awesome / Both Other episodes = Filler episodes - skim rather than skip, some have important content in the last 10 minutes or so 1x01 Pilot 1x02 Wendigo 1x03 Dead in the Water 1x04 Phantom Traveller 1x05 Bloody Mary 1x06 Skin 1x07 Hook Man 1x08 Bugs 1x09 Home 1x10 Asylum 1x11 Scarecrow 1x12 Faith [...]